Safe & Effective

Our products are formulated to be safe, effective, and match the performance characteristics consumers demand. The majority of our cleaning agents are sourced from the EPA's CleanGredients database which helps us identify the safest and most effective ingredients on the market.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our raw materials come from a variety of sources including corn, palm and coconut. We take pride in carefully working with suppliers who sustainably source these materials as to have minimal impact on local communities and the environment.  

Quality Assurance

Every product we make undergoes rigorous testing to ensure you are getting the highest-quality cleaner. From the moment raw materials enter our facility, to the time a finished product leaves the door we are constantly monitoring our production. Our staff in trained in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and prides itself in meeting or exceeding these guidelines. We are also well versed in OSHA and take no chances at our facility. Other elements of our quality assurance process include: benchmark testing versus leading national brands, raw material testing, in-process testing, equipment calibration, batch coding, and generating certificates of analysis. 

Ready for Mass Market

In today's competitive retail environment you need products that stand out from the crowd. Filling Factory's market tested formulations meet or exceed consumer expectations.

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