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Below is a listing of some of the formulas available for private label.

Product Formula # Stock Color Stock Fragrance
Air Freshener - Fruit Slices 752-1 Orange Fruit Slices
Air Freshener - Sweet Orange 751-1 Orange Orange
All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 152-5 Yellow Citrus
All Purpose Degreaser 150-2 Clear Lemon Orange
Car Wash Shampoo 700-1 Green Cucumber Mint
Car Wash + Wax 707-1 Yellow Lemon
Carpet + Upholstery 200-2 Clear Fruit Slices
Cooktop Cleaner + Polish 910 White/Tan Lemon
Dashboard Protect Matte Finish 253-1 White Lavender
Dressing Super Concentrate 255-1 White Coconut
Fabric Stain & Water Repellent 202-1 White None
Glass Cleaner 452-1 Clear None
Glass Cleaner - Alcohol Based 454-2 Blue Lemon
Granite Cleaner + Polish 909-1 White Lemon
LCD Screen Cleaner 453-1 Clear None
Leather, Vinyl, Rubber Protectant Spray 252-1 White None
Leather, Vinyl, Rubber, Protectant Cream 400-1 White None
Leather Cleaner + Conditioner Cream 300-1 White Almond
Leather Cleaner Spray 300-3 Clear None
Liquid Wax 803-1 White None
Microfiber Detergent 904-1 Green Apple
Odor Eliminator 750-1 Clear Cucumber Mint
Paint Polish + Wax 801-3 White/Tan None
Pet Stain Remover + 200-3 Clear Fruit Slices
Odor Eliminator 750-1 Clear  Cucumber Mint
Shoe & Sneaker Cleaner 901-1 Clear Lemon Orange
Spray Wax 351-1 White None
Stainless Steel Cleaner 905-2 Clear Lavender
Super Foam Car Wash 703-1 Pink Bubble Gum
Toilet Spray 755 Clear Lavender
Tire Shine 400-1 White None
Tub & Tile Cleaner 917-1 Clear White Grapefruit
Waterless Car Wash RTU 101-1 White Balsam Citrus
Waterless Car Wash Concentrate 100-1 White Balsam Citrus
Waterless Car Wash + Wax RTU 104-2 Pink Pomegranate
Waterless Car Wash + Wax Concentrate 104-1 Pink Pomegranate
Waterless Wash Super Concentrate 105 Green Apple
Wheel Cleaner 501-1 Clear None
Wood Cleaner + Polish 908 White/Tan Almond
Yoga Mat Cleaner 915-1 Clear Lavender
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